Waiting Game

Launching on 1st March 2013

The awesome new sequel to the People's Book Prize Shortlisted "Dead Game".

Living in despair after the tragic death of her cousin Archie, Sarah Walker finally succumbs and embarks on her long-awaited trip around the world. Landing herself in a dingy Thai soi, she runs into a forgotten rogue from her past. Terrified, Sarah flees and in doing so, finds herself in a ghostly world with warped satyrs, dual-headed snakes, and a wicked witch who plots to enslave her; trying to piece together the jigsaw of her past in time; the true meaning of friendship is at stake. Waiting Game is a dangerous journey but it is a fragile heart that travels it. Compelled to move on whether she wants to or not, Sarah’s scars run deep, but just how far will she go in an attempt to find Archie?

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