Introducing Jane Hersey

Introducing Jane Hersey, author of the heartbreaking true stories Breath in the Dark, Full Circle and Silent in the Shadows. 

A six year old child with sole care of a mother suffering with depression, diabetes and eating disorders, Jane, is ostracised by the Jewish community and the community at large.
The story is told through the thoughts and voice of a traumatised, isolated child enduring the stresses of day-to-day life under difficult circumstances in 1960’s Manchester.

Jane expresses the beautiful mix of confusion, faith and fear that characterises her childhood. An extremely powerful reading experience.
Review by Harper Collins

This is a simply stunning book. I found myself both moved and haunted by this book. A key text for clinicians, students and carers and parents themselves.
The Madness and Literature Network, Nottingham University.

Fantastically written. It left me feeling emotional for the childhood she lost and also wondering how she got where she is today! I would recommend this book to professionals, survivors and anyone wishing to understand the effects of mental illness, poverty, emotional neglect and sexual abuse.
NAPAC, National Assoc for People Abused in Childhood.
Haunting, disturbing, sad and important.
I was thirteen years old when my mother died. Separated from my brothers, not knowing what became of them, I was sent to live with a cruel and sadistic aunt. Prevented from attending my mother's funeral and not told where she was buried, I never came to terms with her death. Barely literate and confused I remained traumatised.

Full Circle continues the life story of Jane Hersey which began with Breath in the Dark. It tells the harrowing true tale of a socially isolated young woman, who is neglected, physically and emotionally abused and living in poverty and deprivation. After leaving an abusive relationship Jane found herself homeless with a baby. At the mercy of unscrupulous people, forced into prostitution and sexually exploited.

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