Waiting Game

Launching on 1st March 2013

The awesome new sequel to the People's Book Prize Shortlisted "Dead Game".

Living in despair after the tragic death of her cousin Archie, Sarah Walker finally succumbs and embarks on her long-awaited trip around the world. Landing herself in a dingy Thai soi, she runs into a forgotten rogue from her past. Terrified, Sarah flees and in doing so, finds herself in a ghostly world with warped satyrs, dual-headed snakes, and a wicked witch who plots to enslave her; trying to piece together the jigsaw of her past in time; the true meaning of friendship is at stake. Waiting Game is a dangerous journey but it is a fragile heart that travels it. Compelled to move on whether she wants to or not, Sarah’s scars run deep, but just how far will she go in an attempt to find Archie?

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Competition - Catherine Cooper

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World Book Day 2013

World Book Day 2013

In the UK 12 million adults find reading difficult and often, in fear would stray away from picking up a book. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in the early stages of one’s education. World Book Day, taking place on 7th March invites children to come to school dressed as their favourite fictional character, receive a £1 or €1.50 token to exchange for a book and to enjoy reading wondrous adventures.

World Book Day not only aims to encourage children in the UK to pick up a book, it helps to raise money for Book Aid International. The charity sends half a million books each year to sub-Saharan Africa, where in some countries a school book can cost the equivalent of a month’s wages. These books are sent to communities, schools and academic libraries. With the help of World Book Day, Book Aid International can reach out to more children; for every £2 a school raises, one brand new book can be sent. Last year World Book Day raised £76,000 enabling Book Aid International to send 38,000 new books to sub-Saharan Africa.

Schools can raise money by hosting a fancy dress, dress down or non-school uniform day. Many schools encourage children to think of their favourite fictional character and come to school on World Book Day dressed as them. It is a great way to get children involved with the stories and enjoy the adventures that their favourite characters encounter. Last year Harry Potter and Hermione Granger costumes were popular among Where’s Wally and Dorothy outfits.

As well as encouraging children to dress as their chosen characters, a £1 or €1.50 token is also offered to all students. They can choose to spend it on one of the special World Book Day books or put it towards the cost of a normal book that has caught their attention.

£1 Books up for grabs

A fantastic 14 million tokens will be distributed this year and the choice of books children have is bigger and better than ever. Here are the titles available in exchange for a token:
·        Horrid Henry’s Guide to Perfect Parents by Francesca Simon
·    Alfie’s Shop by Shirley Hughes
·         Giraffes Can’t Dance Colouring and Puzzle Fun by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees
·        Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions by Tony Robinson and Del Thorpe
·     The Diamond Brothers in ... Two of Diamonds by Anthony Horowitz
·        Hang In there Bozo: the Ruby Redfort Emergency Survival Guide For Some Tricky Predicaments by Lauren Child
·        Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever! (so far) by Liz Pichon
·        The Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet by Cathy Cassidy

Events such as World Book Day aim to encourage children to turn pages and discover fantastic stories that will live with them for a lifetime. Sparking enthusiasm for reading will help to fight against illiteracy, encourage children to challenge themselves and aid their education. There are many ways in which we can create this spark, dressing up as a character is such one of them.
This article has been contributed by Steve John of AFD, a fancy dress retailer who stocks a variety of outfits for World Book Day.

Introducing Jane Hersey

Introducing Jane Hersey, author of the heartbreaking true stories Breath in the Dark, Full Circle and Silent in the Shadows. 

A six year old child with sole care of a mother suffering with depression, diabetes and eating disorders, Jane, is ostracised by the Jewish community and the community at large.
The story is told through the thoughts and voice of a traumatised, isolated child enduring the stresses of day-to-day life under difficult circumstances in 1960’s Manchester.

Jane expresses the beautiful mix of confusion, faith and fear that characterises her childhood. An extremely powerful reading experience.
Review by Harper Collins

This is a simply stunning book. I found myself both moved and haunted by this book. A key text for clinicians, students and carers and parents themselves.
The Madness and Literature Network, Nottingham University.

Fantastically written. It left me feeling emotional for the childhood she lost and also wondering how she got where she is today! I would recommend this book to professionals, survivors and anyone wishing to understand the effects of mental illness, poverty, emotional neglect and sexual abuse.
NAPAC, National Assoc for People Abused in Childhood.
Haunting, disturbing, sad and important.
I was thirteen years old when my mother died. Separated from my brothers, not knowing what became of them, I was sent to live with a cruel and sadistic aunt. Prevented from attending my mother's funeral and not told where she was buried, I never came to terms with her death. Barely literate and confused I remained traumatised.

Full Circle continues the life story of Jane Hersey which began with Breath in the Dark. It tells the harrowing true tale of a socially isolated young woman, who is neglected, physically and emotionally abused and living in poverty and deprivation. After leaving an abusive relationship Jane found herself homeless with a baby. At the mercy of unscrupulous people, forced into prostitution and sexually exploited.

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Introducing Yasir Hayat

Introducing Yasir Hayat, now a member of NWUK.

Yasir is the author of Memoirs of the Damned, an epic vampire novel set against a timeless gothic backdrop.

Yasir Hayat
Yasir: From an early age I developed a strange affinity for poetry after hearing Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem ‘The Raven’. Immediately I tried writing my own, I was fascinated by words in rhyme and their meaning. My mind was set ablaze by ideas and thoughts, unfortunately I wasn’t able to annunciate or project those ideas and thoughts in a manner synonymous with poetry. My love for the craft kept me writing along with the countless praises I got off friends who read my work

As my studies progressed into college the desire to write took a different form. I began writing short stories in times of inactivity to pass the time. My poetry had become better but not to the point where I could be featured in a magazine or make any publicity from it. I continued writing poetry and expanding to stories.

Once my studies progressed to university my writings had developed a mind of their own. I carried on with poetry but created my book Memoirs of the Damned from the short stories I had written in college. I attended writing workshops in my spare time and began taking part in poetry festivals. I met Shamshad Khan, an amazing poet, at the Manchester Literature Festival, she referred me to Zahid Hussain. Both of these wonderful individuals have helped me with my writing.

Now that my studies are over my primary focus is to become an established author. I cannot ignore poetry as it is the keystone of my writing desire but I am considering expansion into playwriting too. I am looking forward to becoming a prominent part of the literary community and I am excited about what the future holds for me. I have simply this message to give,

In the quietened soul we hold a resolve

That many a time we find dissolves

Pursuit is the mother of gains

And love can help subdue any pain

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