UK Games Expo - Last minute opportunity

Trade stands are SOLD OUT but it’s not too late for NWUK members to attend the Games Expo, and as a gesture of support, the organiser, Richard Denning, is allowing us to sell our books for FREE. Our authors can be at the New Writers’ book stand on either Saturday June 4th or Sunday June 5th, but you must act quickly, emailing Richard or John ASAP. This offer only applies to members of New Writers UK.

In 2010 there were around 2500 to 3000 in attendance over the weekend. This includes gamers of all types but also a large number of families and children. The event is open to all and entry is available on the day. For more information visit the official website of the event: 

Do you think there is a book in you?
Do you have ambition to see your words in print?
Come and meet some people that have made it happen.

Authors will be reading from their books as well as talking about the different ways to get published at the Birmingham Games Expo on June the 4th.

The Seminar – set for 1.30pm - will include:

·         How to start writing and how to keep writing
·         A look at the options and challenges authors face in Mainstream Publishing, Independent Publishing and Self Publishing.
·         The importance of good editing and a professional approach.
·         The new world of Kindle and ebooks, and how this opens the doors to new authors.
·         How to promote your books.


Lincoln Book Festival - Children's Day

Several of our authors attended the Lincoln Book Festival's Children's Day. And the best costume goes to... well, you decide!

Claire Kinton

Catherine H Cooper

R. H. Stewart

Lesley Berrington

Lia Ginno

Richard Denning


Guest Post: David P Elliot

On the 11th of May, as part of the Lincoln Book Festival, I was one of the guest speakers for ‘New Writers’ Night’ at the lovely Drill Hall Theatre in Lincoln.

It was a pleasure - and very reassuring for any of us who have a real love of books and reading - to find a responsive audience interested in writing of all kinds, even given the worrying state of the Publishing Industry today.

One subject that came up in discussion and a number of people approached me about after the talk, was the whole mystique surrounding e-books.

Now, I have published all of my writing in e-book form as well as the more traditional paperback format and it was clear that, as with so much new technology, people were struggling to know where to start with the technology and to understand some of the concepts.

A very talented poet from Northern Ireland, called Gerry Miller, who was in the audience, (I recommend his beautiful book of poetry and pictures called ‘Driftwood’ ISBN 978-0-9548251-5-7), suggested that I might put together a small book on the subject.

Taking Gerry’s comments on board, I have come up with ‘The Blind Leading the Partially Sighted’ which people can download from smashwords . If you don’t have an e-reader, just get it in PDF format or HTML and read it on your PC or print it out.

PDF format requires something called Adobe Acrobat Reader which is probably already on your computer, but if not you can download it free from adobe
HTML is the standard format for web pages so you will be able to read it directly in your web browser.

You can also get it directly from Amazon if you are a sophisticate with a Kindle!

Hopefully it will amuse and entertain, as well as provide you with a personal view of the subject and how to get started.

I hope it helps and entertains!


New Writers' Night at the Lincoln Book Festival

New Writers UK were in attendance at the Lincoln Book Festival. The talks, from six of our authors, were all well received by an appreciative audience on what was a successful evening for all concerned. A big thank you to our wonderful speakers: Lia Ginno, Nick Thom, Claire Kinton, David P Elliot, Michael J Smedley and Peter St. John; and to all of our visitors.    

left to right: Authors; Michael J Smedley, Awen Little and D Michelle Gent.

Nick Thom (he's the one smiling)

Claire Kinton

Peter St. John

Drill Hall cafe area

Valerie & David Astill

What is a chart rush?

A chart rush is when readers are invited to purchase a book on Amazon, in a nominated 24-hour period. The intent is to capitalise on the volume of sales and move the book up the Amazon best seller list. The higher up the chart it is, the more visible it becomes to other readers who may go on to purchase it.

100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND is aiming for a spot in Amazon’s top 100, via the chart rush route. Priced at £9.99 all proceeds from the book will be donated to The Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal, so please consider purchasing a copy on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011. The stories were penned by an international contingent of writers (including New Writers UK’s John Baird). A quarter of the stories came from Australia, a third from the UK and the rest from across the globe including the USA, Spain, France, Austria, Malaysia, Israel, Greece and Canada.