‘Pieces of Fate’ by David P Elliot

ISBN 978-0-9564369-7-9   Price £7.99

The 15th April 2011 sees the official launch of ‘Pieces of Fate’ the new offering from David P Elliot the Abingdon, UK based author who’s previous novel ‘Clan’ has sold in 14 countries to uniformly excellent reviews.

In the great tradition of British short story writing ‘Pieces of Fate’ is a collection of 6 stories which might best be described as of the ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ genre.

CarolineA prominent local businessman walks into a police station and confesses to murder, but is this really the open and shut case it seems?

In MedusaA genius dies and two competing companies battle to crack the most intelligent computer game ever developed, how far will they go to win?                                            

The Cottage - A young couple buy a cottage that the wife thinks is haunted but can their marriage survive the investigation, as a cynical radio presenter investigates?                                          

In SharkGary Bowler is happy in his work as he grows wealthy on the backs of the vulnerable in society. But can life get any better when he finds the perfect victim?                                                  
The Thief in the Waiting RoomTerry Bannister is a professional thief who tries to avoid working in his ‘unlucky town’. But is fate reversing his fortunes?                    

Long AlleyThe sighting of what appears to be an innocent young woman near an ancient set of almshouses sparks an investigation, but is this really a haunting and is she as harmless as she seems?

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