Golden Acorns fall on Hollywood

Infinite Ideas, publisher of The Golden Acorn, Catherine Cooper’s prize-winning novel for 8 to 12 year olds, has optioned motion picture rights to Los Angeles based Delve Films Inc. The Golden Acorn was the astonishing overall winner of the Brit Writers’Awards in July 2010 and Infinite Ideas has signed a five book deal with Cooper to publish the entire Jack Brenin series. The Golden Acorn has been a huge hit on Amazon Kindle with nearly 75,000 downloads in the last four months, and overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. The sequel, Glasruhen Gate, was published in March 2011 and is already a top 100 children’s bestseller on Kindle.

Full of twists and turns, talking ravens, magical books and mischievous Spriggans, The Golden Acorn is an entertaining and exciting tale from a very talented new author.
Isaac Testerman, founder of Delve Films, is upbeat about the acquisition: ‘We are very excited about the potential that The Golden Acorn presents for film. With the success of movies like Harry Potter, we know there is a huge audience for films like this, and we believe the story told in the Jack Brenin series will continue to charm children and adults alike as we take it in this new direction.’
David Grant of Infinite Ideas says, ‘We’re thrilled by this partnership with Delve. It’s a testament to the interest that this book has gained through word-of-mouth and our own online and e-book campaigns; it also demonstrates the growing importance of the Brit Writers’ Awards. The Golden Acorn, with its beautiful mix of mythology and magic, has really struck a chord as the outstanding Amazon reviews demonstrate.’

Catherine Cooper was delighted when Infinite Ideas’ Publisher, Richard Burton, called her with the news. ‘I don't really know what to say except I'm thrilled and extremely excited,’ she said. ‘The prospect of my story being made into a film is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.’
Delve Films is currently producing four major motion pictures including the big budget adaptation of the Myst video game/novel franchise. Delve’s production partners are Oscar winning producers Mark Johnson (Rain Man, Galaxy Quest, Chronicles of Narnia) and Hunt Lowry (Last of the Mohicans, Donnie Darko).
Infinite Ideas will publish the remaining three Jack Brenin titles in 2011 and 2012: The Dwindling Door, The Lost Treasure of Annwn and The Oak Lord.