The Westbrook Affair - special offer

The Westbrook Affair
the new novel by A R Dance
(author of Narrow Marsh & Leen Times)

Set in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire in the mid-nineteenth century, The Westbrook Affair chronicles the lives of families from opposite ends of the social divide. It is a gripping story of poverty and wealth, betrayal and greed and ultimately the search for justice and the truth.

Young Joseph Lambert has enjoyed all the childhood privileges befitting the son of a wealthy Yorkshire squire. But when his widowed father is mysteriously killed in a riding accident, his comfortable world is suddenly torn apart. Joseph’s elder brother, the dissolute and self-indulgent Miles, inherits the estate and promptly abandons his young brother, leaving him to fend for himself.

Determined to seek his fortune, the thirteen-year-old orphan makes his way to Sheffield where he secures an apprenticeship in a cutlery factory. Seven years later, now an accomplished and skilled craftsman, he marries Hannah and soon a daughter, Eliza, is born. But barely is Eliza old enough to know her father, when tragedy strikes. Hannah is struggling to support herself and her daughter, when one day an old lady arrives with an astonishing tale to tell.

And slowly, a forgotten family secret begins to unfold.

The Westbrook Affair is published by Arundel Books and will be available to purchase from the beginning of October. Paperback, 288 pages £7.99. Available to order from all good bookshops, or via Amazon. ISBN 978-0-9558133-5-1



Until 31st December 2013 you can purchase copies for just £6.99 each, post free direct from the publisher. Please send cheques to:

Arundel Books, 2 Audon  Avenue, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 4AW