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The Damned Generation and other stories of love, sex and violence.

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By NWUK member Maurice Connolly


The Book:


Contemporary Ireland as well as the superstitious Ireland of the early fifties brought vividly to life. However, the setting could be universal as human emotions run parallel in all societies. And emotion, in all its rawness, is explored in this fascinating collection. Peopled by some extraordinary characters it is certain to remain vividly implanted in the mind long after the stories have unfolded. Love, sex and violence are all entwined to satisfy the palate of the most discerning. Visualize the carnage of the Great War; be fascinated and worried as a young boy confronts his strange neighbour on a lonely, isolated laneway; conjure up the lifestyle of young men where the pub and rural dancehall offer the only escape from the social poverty of an era where the automobile is tentatively making its appearance. All fifteen stories are guaranteed to grip and hold the reader well into the early hours.

The Author:

New Writers UK member Maurice Connolly worked at various occupations throughout a long career; labourer, publican, auctioneer, farmer. As a young man wrote two stage plays. One was controversial at the time resulting in a sense of disillusionment. Due to many problems encountered in life switched off writing until a few years back. This, alas, was a decision he now regrets. Returning to the literary scene wrote the novel Redferne. He feels there is so much undone he would like to have achieved. He hopes this latest book opens up that magical vista offering renewed hope. Currently living in County Wexford, South East Ireland.