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They publish the summary of books reviewed / recommended on their blog: http://bookapoet.blogspot.co.uk/ and this automatically publishes it to their Facebook and Twitter too. They are happy to review titles in any genre and age range. Please send them to the address below and they will email you when the book is reviewed.

They also welcome guest bloggers, q&a opportunities and anything else you think could be of interest so get in touch.

To kick you off, here is their review of 'The Devil's Creature in the City of the Dead' by R H Stewart
Published by Barny Books - RRP £5.99 - ISBN 9781906542177
Reviewed by Kate Tarrant

Initially I thought it was going to take a while for me to get into this book - the rich, descriptive language, and its very dark opening scene with flash backs to the past, instantly showed me that this was a book that needed my undivided attention. Nevertheless, this is not a criticism - this fantastic book makes you a compulsive reader - from the outset it promises to capture its readers, swallowing them up in an imaginary world where good and evil battle it out. 

Set in Glasgow, the story is about Mhairi, a 14-year-old witch, who together with her black cat called Jet and her human companion Dougie, set out on a quest against a vampire, released into the world by the great and evil power Lord Antoninus. Along the way the team solve murders that are taking place all over the Necropolis (also called City of the Dead) as well as meeting ghosts and ghouls. This is a richly imaginative and compelling fantasy story - a truly original horror tale that will have your spine tingling!