Mystery Nights

Do you revel in solving a tricky puzzle?
Do you always work out whodunit before the detectives on TV?

Mystery Nights offer a fun evening for a library or book festival event, or any other social gathering.

Your teams of amateur sluths can test their powers of investigation on a choice of three sizzling scenarios.

PIECE together the clues and discover who took a hammer to Luke's skull, attacked Bob with an exercise weight, or struck Hector with the paper-knife.
EARN points for every element of the mystery you solve - and points mean prizes...

JUST arrange a venue, with small tables on which teams teams of participants can lay out the evidence.
CALL Mystery Nights to book your date.

Everything is provided (except the participants): a host, all the evidence, answer sheets, prizes for the winning team - AND LOTS OF FUN!

Further details, including the cost, can be obtained from:
Mystery Nights
PO Box 170
S40 1FE
T. 01246 520834