Guest post: Michael J. Smedley, A Very Short Story

Thor, the Norse God of War, grew bored with life in Valhalla so he decided to take human form, spend an evening on earth and indulge in a night of pleasure.  He met a very attractive woman in a bar and offered to take her to the best show in town and afterwards for the meal of her choice.  The woman had such an enjoyable evening and found his company so delightful that she willingly agreed to spend the night with him in a hotel.
    The next morning the God had feelings of remorse for deceiving the woman so decided he must tell her who he really was.  He drew himself up to his full height and put a hand to his chest.
    ‘I am Thor!’ he announced. 
    And she replied, ‘Oh Thir, I’m thore too thir, but I’m thatisfied.’