NWUK – the future

The great thing about New Writers UK is that we are a club; not a clique or a crusading army but a club, utterly relying on the membership ‘clubbing together’ to get things done. Our agenda is not dictated from on high, nor is it set by a small band of people who just happen to live within easy distance of meeting places. If we are to thrive then our agenda has to be set by YOU. We all need to be thinking of ways in which we can promote ourselves and our works. But the key point is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Do you have contacts in schools? NWUK will do their best to support any visits you can organise.
What about links to a retail outlet? NWUK will help to stock shelves.
Organisations needing speakers? Many NWUK members would happily oblige.
How about a local mini book festival? NWUK will help with organisation (and of course participate).

So please don’t feel you are an unimportant person on the fringe of something. You can be right at the centre. E-mail your ideas, either to the whole group or to a few individuals. Even if you can’t get to meetings easily, we don’t want to lose your thoughts and ideas; and we certainly don’t want to lose your contacts and routes to selling books.

By Nick Thom